Thursday, 21 September 2017

Going back to just a little bit before August...

In the summer Geneva is both peaceful and exciting. The excitement is due to visitors from all over the world who come to the summer festivals (Montreux, Nyon, Sion…) and to attend the Fêtes de Genève on and around the Swiss National Day (1st August) and admire the spectacular fireworks and to explore the treasures the country offers.

That warm and sunny Saturday afternoon, we went for a long stroll. We headed out in search of a nice table on a terrace at one of the many cake shops serving great desserts.

Spotted! Outside Boulangerie Philippe Taillé on Rue Jacques-Dalphin 58, in Carouge. The Boulangerie Philippe Taillé is well known for selling the most amazing range of cakes. Just have a look at the display. I strongly recommend to you the “San Marco”, their own creation. 

A very, very, very yummy and very “gourmand” rum baba. Sweetheart had the same.

Later on we went to see African sculptures and paintings at the gallery “Les Arts du Soleil”. Then we went downtown by the back roads that only locals know...

The exterior of the art gallery “Les Arts du Soleil” in Carouge.

Some time ago, my friends and readers asked me to share more blog posts about my outfits. I have listened to your wishes...and here is my look of the day for the streets of Geneva.

There’s nothing special about it, except that I really enjoy my super comfortable black sandals and I love this cool dress purchased recently at O-Top (28 rue Saint-Victor in Carouge) and I’m a fan of Julie Gloor’s jewellery (Rue Pictet de Bock 8 in Plainpalais).

Carouge, a charming village...

Swimming in the Rhône at la Jonction. The Genevans take full advantage of swimming in the Rhône as soon as the temperatures rise. The banks of the river offer an exceptional setting...

Along the Quai des Forces-Motrices (the Forces Motrices is a factory converted into a concert hall)

The enthusiasm for the terrace bars on the banks of the Rhone is growing every summer. La Barje (Promenade des Lavandières), where a convivial and warm atmosphere is guaranteed.

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