Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Tokyo Fiancée by Amélie Nothomb (2007)

A young Belgian woman is in Japan to earn money teaching French.  One day, in answer to an advertisement she had posted offering her services as a French teacher, she receives a phone call form Rinri, a University student who needs extra tuition. He comes from a rich family and is expected to follow in his father’s footsteps at jewellery school. As the lessons continue they slowly grow closer. In due course they become lovers and get engaged, despite his parents’ disapproval.

Author: Amélie Nothomb was born on July 9, 1966 in Belgium. She is from a distinguished Belgian political family. During her infancy she lived in Japan, China and other Asian countries. Amélie has written twenty-two novels.

My thoughts: I found this novel refreshing and inviting, a voyage to Japan and an insight into Nippon culture through this romance between Rinri and a Belgian woman. Amélie Nothomb draws the story from her time in Japan during the 90s highlighting the differences and, at times, the clashes between Western and Japanese cultures  As I read this novel I always had in mind my school friend M. who comes from Japan, a country I have never visited but dream of getting to know one day.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Save one last dance...

The beach/pool season has nearly finished, the long walks in flip flops as well, the days begin to get shorter and the return to school is on the way.

To say goodbye, last Friday, I put on my “summer outfit", a coloured tunic with shorts and sandals on my feet and waltzed off for one last summer dance in the streets of Geneva ... my favourite ice cream (Manu Gelato) could not be missed!

With great sadness? No, because my other favourite season is just around the corner, the autumn.

Reader's Look
Tunic: Millennium from O-Top
Shorts: Calzedonia
Sandals:  Vincci Malaysia
Watch: Breitling
Sunglasses: Prada 

My long walk began in Old Carouge and ended in the emblematic Geneva Vieille Ville. I was able to speak to the "young" artist, Steve Martin, who is exhibiting his paintings at “The Nest Gallery” until the end of August.  I was also more than happy to get to know the works of the renowned painter from Bangladesh, Ahmed Shahabuddin who exhibits at the “Daniel Besseiche Gallery”. His paintings touch me enormously!!!

As for me, I'll just buy my flowers and set off back in a minute....I wish you all have a lovely week!

The Nest Gallery
Rue Etienne-Dumont 14
1204 Genève

Galerie Daniel Besseiche SA
Rue Henri-Fazy 4
1204 Genève

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Flowers and Succulents

One of the things I often do on Saturday morning is to go to our local market where there is a great variety of flowers and there are always wild flowers. On the last weekend in July, I got a colourful bouquet of zinnias, a summer flower which adds liveliness and colour to any room. I cannot explain, but it gives me great satisfaction to have fresh flowers in my little house. Sometimes I buy at Migros or at Coop; they often have special promotions.  Other times, I go to one of my favourite florists; I take my vase and ask her to suggest me something. She has an amazing shop and makes beautiful flower arrangements at affordable prices.

Otherwise, succulents decorate a house tastefully. These plants are so stylish and easy to care for. They look like cacti, but they are not prickly - their leaves are like velvet. According to my florist they have good Feng Shui: beautiful!!!