Friday, 27 May 2016

En route to my holiday

Good morning ladies and gents!

I just want to say a quick hello to tell you that I will be absent during the whole month of June.

I am leaving for a very long vacation; I will be with family and close friends. As usual, during my holiday I will not publish anything…

But I hope to see you back here some time after July 1st.

I wish you all a great month of June filled with sun and joy...

...and now I 'am going to finish my packing, hoping not to forget anything, especially not my lovely little bikini...

Lots of Love

Thursday, 26 May 2016

The park behind the station...

Has it ever happened to you that you pass by a place many times and never take the time to linger? To me, yes, and very often, unfortunately!!

One evening after dinner at Jiawei Chinese restaurant, we decided to take a walk in the urban park behind Cornavin train station.

I liked it so much that I returned the following day at noon and, as luck was on my side, the weather was super nice… So I took some photos with my smartphone and then I sent them to some of my friends. To my surprise, they did not know this little park either. We called it “The park behind the station”… actually its real name is Parc des Cropettes.

I wish you a sunny and relaxed Thursday, my dear readers!

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

A visit to the world's most famous tramp

On a recent bank holiday in Geneva, we went to Vevey to spend a day and pay a visit to “an old friend”, Charlie Chaplin (known as Charlot in French).

I have deeply loved this funny, sad and touching clown/tramp ever since my childhood. The first time I saw a Chaplin film, I was seven years old and it was on New Year's Eve. It was “The Kid”. I laughed and cried. Since then, he has remained my favourite artist.

So, we went to Vevey, a peaceful and charming town about a 75-minute drive from Geneva. It is known as Mr Chaplin's town since he established himself there in 1952 with his fourth wife Oona and their 8 children in the picturesque Manoir de Ban, which has spectacular views of the Alps.

The attractions we visited included The Studio, presenting the cinematographic world of the artist and filmmaker and Charles Chaplin's Manoir de Ban.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is my photo gallery. 

Manoir de Ban

View over the Mont-Blanc from Manoir de Ban


Studio Interiors

The Tramp Café-Restaurant

Once we had left the museum, we went for a stroll along the Vevey waterfront, where there is a statue of Charlie Chaplin.

Lakeside promenade that extends for 10Km along the shore of Lake Geneva

La Fourchette (the fork)

As for my look, it was simple, basic and without make-up for a very pleasant outing on this relaxed long weekend.

Route du Fenil 2
Corsier Sur Vevey
Tél.: +41 21 903 0130
Open daily from 10h00 to19h00

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

A charming village named Rolle

On the last Saturday in April, we escaped to Rolle: a grey and rainy, yet well filled day!!

We had a light lunch at Le Léman Restaurant by the lake in Nyon: perch fillets, a traditional and simple Swiss dish of which we are both particularly fond!!

Le Léman Restaurant, Rue de Rive 28, Nyon, tél. +4122 361 2241

For dessert, Sweetheart ordered Tarte Tatin and I had Tiramisu. Their homemade desserts are a must.

After our lunch, we headed to Rolle, a municipality in the Canton of Vaud located on the banks of Lac Léman between Geneva and Lausanne in the La Côte region.

This charming bourgeois village of about 6000 souls was established in the vicinity of a castle built in the 1260s.

I leave you with this suggestion for a nice stroll in the Geneva region, whether you are an expat or a visitor.

The Grand-Rue is the main street. A nice antique shop...

…selling old books at CHF 2 each, a real bargain, aren't they??

Château de Rolle

Rolle's waterfront

Charming houses along the waterfront

Île de la Harpe, an artificial island in the lake which measures 2'368 m2

Flowery and colourful fields near Rolle

Monday, 23 May 2016

Where to stay in Geneva? Hotel Rotary MGallery

For some time, I have been getting messages asking me where to stay in Geneva. This is difficult to answer because it depends on your budget, personal tastes, etc… But, in February, on my way to a business lunch, I fell in love with this place.

I thought, “I'll take the risk of proposing it without ever having stayed there, contrary to my usual practice.”  If I were a tourist I would choose this boutique hotel because it is well located and tranquil despite the dynamic neighbourhood and I am also fond of its elegant and chic décor.

I asked the MGallery manager (thank you, Hervé, for your welcome and availability) if we could arrange a visit and photo shoot, which he kindly accepted to do.

So, ladies and gents, this is my suggestion. I would really appreciate it if you drop me a line with your feedback after your stay.

Located in the business district. A discreet façade, nestled in a kind of a courtyard. No more than a ten-minute walk from Lake Geneva, Cornavin train station or the luxurious Rue du Rhône and also close to many excellent restaurants and trendy wine bars and cafes.

A superior four-star boutique hotel, elegantly decorated by London-based interior designers, showcasing many objects found by the owner during his travels over the years. My personal feeling is that it is intimate, cosy and homely; I felt more like I was in a large private house, only the presence of the staff reminded me that this is a hotel.

The Lobby
Nice, small lobby which gave me the feeling of intimacy that I love so much. There is no bling-bling here, this is a classy place: the main customers are businessmen or couples enjoying a romantic weekend. As you will have understood, the hotel is not suitable for families with small children.

I was speechless in the face of such beauty! The rooms are a respectable size and they seem very comfortable…

The bathroom
The bathroom is small but comfortable, with enough storage space and everything you need, dressing gown, etc.…

…and they are graced with a beautiful set of products by Bigelow Apothecaries…

The “Artisan” Lounge-Bar and Restaurant
You can indulge yourself with French cuisine and a couple of international dishes. I loved the excellent service and relaxed atmosphere, even though there were many business lunches taking place at the same time. The tables are close together and, once again, it felt like home.

In summer, the restaurant offers a terrace with a fountain...

I hope you have enjoyed this enthusiastic tour.

This post, like all my posts, is not sponsored. This is my true opinion and I'm happy to share it with you, my dear readers.

Hotel Rotary MGallery
Rue du Cendrier 18-20
1201 Geneva
Phone: +41 22 908 80 80