Thursday, 19 October 2017

Homemade Manicure

Today, I will share with you very simple and effective tricks for homemade manicure. I’ve never been to a manicure or a pedicure salon. Honestly, I prefer to take care of myself, it is such a pleasure... I settle down comfortably, put on good music and turn off my cell phone. Then I start my manicure like this:

1) Gather all the necessary equipment to avoid having to search your beauty kit during the process.

2) Start by filing your nails, to harmonise their size.

3) Soften the cuticles by soaking your fingers in a small finger bowl filled with soapy water (I use a few drops of Marseille liquid soap which is very mild).

4) Dry your hand by holding a small towel and placing your hand on the towel.

5) Massage the cuticles with a cream to moisturise them. Then, gently push the cuticle and skin on each fingernail back with a stick or cuticle pusher. Do not cut them off. Be very gentle.

6) Wash your hands well with soap, to clear any grease on the nails, because grease prevents the nail polish from adhering well.

7) Once your nails are dry, apply a base coat and wait for about ten minutes. Adapt your base to your type of nails: soft, brittle, striated, etc. This step is essential: it prevents the pigments contained in the nail polish from penetrating into the nail and leaving yellow stains (Once a week I apply Ecrinal Nail Strengthener/Hardener or Mavala).

8) Then apply the nail polish in three brush strokes: one in the centre of the nail and then one on each side. Allow to dry for 10 minutes.

My favourite brand is Mavala - its products are excellent. Recently, I had a crush on their mini 5ml nail polish colour palettes with very sexy names such as Night Fever, Happy Cherry, Velvet, ​​Roma… These mini bottles cost around 5.75 euros.  The other brand which I'm fond of is Andreia.

9) Apply the second coat of nail polish in the same way and allow to dry for 40 minutes. This step is essential to let the nail polish gain a good “hold”.

10) The final step is to apply a hand cream (I am fond of Lavander by Aromas Artesanales De Antigua).

Tips: do not hesitate to take a manicure break. Leave your nails natural (without any nail polish) at least two weeks before the applying a new nail polish.

Et voilà. I hope you liked it and I wish you a good weekend of home pampering.