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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Le Thé, the kingdom of Dim Sum

Before Easter, we went to “Le Thé” which is a gem of Chinese cuisine with Dim-Sum as its great specialty.

Dim Sum is a Chinese dish, primarily Cantonese in origin, that is prepared in delicious bite-sized steamed or fried savoury dumplings containing various fillings and served in bamboo steamer baskets or on small plates. They are traditionally served in Cantonese teahouses.

Did you know that the literal translation of Dim Sum is “touch your heart” – such a poetic name for delicious raviolis, don’t you agree?

Lovely tropical decor: the walls are lined with shelves filled with boxes of teas, teapots and cups of all kinds. The wooden furniture has a bamboo effect and  there are some green plants. I also love its quiet, intimate atmosphere.

Le Thé, is also great for tea lovers. The owners select their teas directly from China and they have a large selection divided into 7 categories: green, yellow, red, white, black, Oolong and scented teas.

There are also many accessories for tea, including a multitude of teapots in cast iron or sandstone.

To accompany our meal I had Ginger tea and Sweetheart Main de Buda tea.

We chose a selection of fried shrimp raviolis and a selection of steamed ravioli stuffed with shrimp, chicken, pork, vegetables and ginger, wrapped in rice and wheat dough...

Our lunch was a real treat which is why I strongly recommend this address to you. You should book in advance because there are only 9 small tables and be aware that they accept cash payment only.

Le Thé
Rue des Bains 65
1205 Genève
Tél.: +41 79 436 77 18
Opening non-stop 12h00 to 22h00

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Parisserie Genève - A unique pastry shop

Hello ladies and gents!

Today, I thought I would share with you a secret address for the most fabulous pastry shop in my beloved city.

Parisserie, opened nearly 2 years ago, is a very small pastry shop which quickly became the preferred pastry shop of gourmets. Their “Haute Couture Pastry” creations are as beautiful as they are delicious: they reach perfection. Parisserie is definitely the equal of any famous Parisian pastry shop. 

At Parisserie Genève, each dessert is unique and prepared with the finest ingredients. Their goal is to turn your gatherings into unforgettable memories...

Some of their cake "creations" change according to the season. So, do not be surprised to see different wonderful cakes than those posted here in my blog.

In one of my recent visits there I took my camera with a mind to put together this review. I hope you like it.

Cake creations with beautiful names such as Mont Truffe, Amour Amour, Désiré, La Parisienne, Red Lips...

And not forgetting the much acclaimed macaroons in many different flavours: coconut, rose, choco-raspberry, lemon...

Biscuits: Sesame biscuits, Fruit Granola Biscuits, Nut mixture

Jam with 100% artisanal production with the finest ingredients: Red berry jam, Orange marmalade, Pineapple and date jam

Parisserie Genève 
Rue Rousseau 1
1201 Genève 
Tél.: +4122 900 17 41
Open Monday to Saturday 10:00 - 19:00

Monday, 23 April 2018

Carouge, the magnetic

Happy April, everyone! I seriously can’t believe how fast this year is going...

Today, I thought I would share some photos from my favourite neighbourhood. I hope you’re not tired of my posts on Carouge. You see, I love this Mediterranean-like area that travellers often compare to Greenwich, Soho or Montmartre! Locals and tourists alike love its authentic charm with its inviting terraces, historic architecture, friendly atmosphere and narrow streets.

Located just minutes from Geneva, this town, built in the 18th century, has kept its village atmosphere. 

Every day I have the pleasure of strolling around the shaded squares or losing myself in the alleys and I appreciate the tranquillity between the beautiful colourful facades.

Carouge is also filled with artisans, shops, chocolatiers, florists, wellness salons, restaurants, bars and cafes. I have added some great addresses below...

Without further ado, here is a series of photos from beautiful Carouge. These photos have been taken on different days during my random walks.

Farmers Market every Saturday and Wednesday mornings. I could walk around for hours and just look at these beauties. Look at these flowers, fruits and vegetable colours...

I’m such a sucker for flowers that every time I see a stand on the market I have to take photos. Pretty tulips...

Le Bistrot Le Lion d'Or (Rue Ancienne 53, 1227 Carouge)
A gourmet restaurant at affordable prices in a super pretty setting.

Boutique Prunelle (Place du Marché 3, 1227 Carouge)
Carouge favours independent shops: this clothes boutique has great stuff, ladies!! 

La Librerit (Place du Marché 1, 1227 Carouge)
A nice selection of books for the beautiful days ahead of us. This bookstore often organises events for little ones and grown-ups alike.

To sit down at a cafe terrace and just breathe in the atmosphere while the sun rises.

Brasserie la Genevoise (bd Helvétique 27, 1207 Genève)
What a good day - I had time to eat a fantastic lunch with Sweetheart in downtown Geneva.... Perch fillets with spinach, French fries and tartare sauce. Really good!!!

Manu Gelato (Rue de Carouge 65, 1205 Genève)
This is among the best gelato shops in Geneva, this place has a number of lovely ice cream flavours available. This is my favourite spring and summer treat.

After lunch I made my way back to Carouge, a 30 minute walk (you can hop on the tram in Geneva for a few stops, if you prefer). As soon as I crossed the River Arve, sunshine crept into my world: I had reached Carouge and here everything was in slow motion…

Spring is in the Carouge air!

Carouge in bloom and looking beautiful! The flowering trees are at their peak right now. This beautiful Magnolia tree behind my place is already losing its flowers.

Is our favourite wine shop, they sell exquisite Swiss wine and also excellent French wine. Every Saturday you can have a wine tasting. Companies can also book the entire shop for an event.

Stéso Bijoux (Av Cardinal Mermillod 22, 1227 Carouge)
Creator of unique jewellery with fine stones and Swarovski and Murano crystals. I am fond of their shabby chic jewellery.

Carouge during the Golden Hour (before sunset)

Au Vieux Carouge (Rue Jacques-Dalphin 27, 1227 Carouge)
This is the place to enjoy the best fondue in Geneva. A good menu of Swiss specialities and local wines, all at very affordable prices.

Carouge during the Blue Hour (just after sunset and before night).