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Friday, 28 July 2017

Life Lately - Back to Basics

With the passing of time, I turn more and more towards a peaceful life, focused on nature and simple pleasures. A good homemade meal, a relaxing moment in a health spa, hiking in the mountains, reading a good book...

These moments really fill me with happiness and if I could stop the time so that they lasted longer, I would be an even happier bunny... 

That said when I go out in Geneva, I have a lot of fun, but in my mind, I cannot think of anywhere more exquisite than this secluded village somewhere in the Swiss Alps.

One thing I love about Heidi’s Country is that it is not as crowded and touristy as some major ski resorts; here there are only grocery shops and cafes. Most inhabitants are locals or second home owners who want to run away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life. Here, the watchword is quality of life.

You already know that I’m fan of champagne and I love that there’s always a bottle chilling in the fridge. I can’t think of a better way to start the weekend in style...

Having meals with an amazing view...

I love trying recipes from cookbooks from different cultures. This time I adapted a Moroccan Couscous Salad with a Lebanese Barbecue Chicken...I can tell you it tasted heavenly...

Despite trying to keep my size 36, there is quite frankly always room for little desserts. These were light, fruity and delicious.

The passion fruit mousse

The exotic fruit mousse

Even in the mountains, I never forego my homemade manicure and pedicure...hahaha…

After each meal, long walks in the mountains are our most enjoyable hobby...

Stunning views everywhere...

Improvised Sanctuary

As a girl who loves pretty dresses, each visit I choose one of my old summer dresses that has not had an outing from my wardrobe in a long while... It has been a while since I posted a “reader’s look”. I have been so busy and to be honest the cold winter weather was not much of a help.
...grazing cows and horses are part of the scenery...

The wild cat sometimes comes to say hello

Wild flowers everywhere and many splendid butterflies

Finally, I take this opportunity to let you know that the blog is going back to basics too.

I created this blog with the goal of sharing my passion for beautiful things, with family, friends and acquaintances who mostly live abroad. The other purpose was to record my memories and share my experiences with people who have the same interests. It has been both very exciting and very challenging.

Over time, the time spent on blog activities became something I resented in terms of its impact on my professional and private life. Therefore, I will stop certain blogging activities such as accepting and replying to comments, visiting other blog sites, replying to mails... I will simply update my blog twice a week.

I have really enjoyed being inspired by some bloggers and meeting “real life” readers living in Geneva and London was SO nice...

Lots of Love

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Happy Summer at Lounge 5 Rooftop

Summer has come and with it, the good weather, blue sky & sunshine. Well, not really... The first weekend of July was rainy and cloudy, but fortunately warm…

Anyway, at this time of the year I like to enjoy picnics, reading in parks, tanning on the banks of the River Arve and chilling out on terraces! Seriously, I am fond of a beautiful spot, good cocktails and a spectacular view when I’m in the city!

This is what we were looking for when we went to the “Lounge 5” rooftop bar at the Hôtel Métropole. Opened four years ago, one can sip champagne and cocktails and order à la carte finger food on the rooftop of this five-star hotel, while admiring some of the most beautiful Genevan sights, such as the Lac Léman, The Jet d’Eau, the Salève and the Jura.

The exterior of the Hôtel Métropole.

The interior of the Hôtel Métropole: Hall, the Gusto Restaurant and The Mirror Bar

As we arrived before the Lounge 5 rooftop opens, we took a seat at the counter of the Mirror Bar and ordered exquisite cocktails.

I choose the Porn Star Martini (vanilla syrup, passion fruit purée, vodka and a shot of sparkling champagne on the side)

Here is how a Porn Star Martini is made…

Passion Fruit/Vodka and shot of sparkling champagne: the perfect harmony.

Sweetheart had the classic and Dark and Stormy (known also as Tormenta Negra: rum, lime juice, ginger beer)

After a really pleasant moment at The Mirror Bar, we took the lift to the 5th floor where the Lounge 5 rooftop is situated.

We both had a classic gin & tonic while admiring the amazing views of the city, which during the summer is crowded with visitors from all over the world.

From here, we have a spectacular view of the city.

Geneva landmark Jet d’Eau

Jardin Anglais

The colourful little boat we see is called a Mouette Genevoise (a sort of bus boat that navigates on Lake Geneva).

Old building on the Rue du Rhône

The other renowned monument, the Cathédrale Saint-Pierre in the old town.

So, if you have no plans for the weekend spoil yourself with a cocktail and tapas, DJ music and the views that this spot offers! It’s something incredible. A great moment is guaranteed either at the Mirror Bar or at the Lounge 5 (once a month they organise an event, if you fancy socialising...)

Lounge 5 (Hôtel Métropole)
Quai du Général Guisan 34
1204 Genève
Opening hours: Mon to Sun from 5pm to 1am
Tél: +4122 318 33 55

These are my genuine personal opinions and favourites, otherwise I would not have written about this place. As always with all my posts, this is not sponsored.