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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Panoramic Yacht Tour of Lake Lucerne

One of the most popular excursions in Lucerne is a boat trip on Lac des Quatre-Cantons (in English Lake Lucerne).

We preferred the tour of the lake on an elegant yacht of 49 meters instead of the culinary cruise on a steam boat steeped in nostalgia (this gourmet cruise along the water lasts about 4 hours).

Our 1 hour tour took us on the sparkling waters of the famous fjord-like lake, between pastures and steep slopes of the first Alpine summits.

We loved this “walk” through the beautiful bays of Lake Lucerne, surrounded by the majestic breath-taking mountain scenery, towering peaks, verdant forests and meadows and valleys.

This unique lake, which covers 114 square kilometres, is often referred to as the heart of Switzerland. It is surrounded by four wonderful cantons: Lucerne, Uri, Schwyz and Unterwald.

The price of this tour is CHF 25.00. An audio guide was at our disposal to learn everything about the landscape, the historical monuments and the sites around Lake Lucerne.

The excursion begins and ends on the jetty of Lake Lucerne’s Pier 7, opposite the Swan Place.

I hope you enjoyed this virtual tour as much as we did.

Lots of Love

Monday, 22 May 2017

The kings and queens of Lake Lucerne

Hello ladies and gents!

I hope you had a tip top tastic weekend. This week we finish the Lucerne photo album!

While waiting on Pier 7 for our boat tour of Lake Lucerne, we sat by the water’s edge and enjoyed the acrobatics of the swans.

It was a real show for us all, both tourists and locals. These birds of great beauty came close to us, to eat out of our hands, to keep us company and above all to play the “top models”. They like to be photographed, as you can see…

These magnificent beings are a renowned attraction on Lake Lucerne. That’s why they deserve a post of their own. I enjoyed taking snapshots and watching them at such close quarters...

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Pfistern restaurant Lucerne

When I began writing this post I was sitting in a park, watching the flowers blossom and listening to birds tweet - they seem to have a lot to say to each other...

While sitting there in the sun, I remembered the delicious meal I ate in the ancient Lucernois restaurant, open since 1578, which I will now share with you.

The Pfistern Restaurant Luzern is situated on Kornmarkt which is a small but charming square. The restaurant is opposite the City Hall. This is the heart of Lucerne, with restaurants, bars and historic places all around.

They serve typical Swiss cuisine that is seasonal and fresh with ingredients from the Mediterranean region. The result is inventive, surprising and in harmony with the local traditions.

We first went to Pfistern to have an end of the day aperitif. We had a Moscato Mojito (not too strong in alcohol), served with appetisers. We loved the place so much that we decided to return in the evening to dine. So, I asked the waitress to show me the dining room and book us a table by the window overlooking the city landmarks.

The restaurant itself is vibrant and cosy, no tourists only local clients, making us feel that we were somewhere very special.

We went along to try their typical dishes. We ordered à la carte, only a main dish instead of the 3 course set menu as we were not very hungry because we had already eaten a lovely Italian lunch. It was not easy to choose from the extensive menu!

Luzerner Fritschi-Pastete, Lucerne pastry filled with veal and pork (meatballs) mushrooms, apples and raisins with a cream sauce, served with seasonal vegetables.

Fischchnoschperli, white fish fillets baked in crispy beer dough, with tartar sauce, served with rice and vegetables.

The meal was absolutely exquisite and came with a wine carefully selected for us.

If you are a serious traditional food lover, this is a place to go in the evening. Order delicious food from the menu - they have cocktails and good wine too - and spoil yourself on the lovely terrace enjoying the buzz and fizz of the place…

Zunfthausrestaurant Pfistern
Kornmarkt 4
6004 Luzern
Phone: +41 41 410 36 50
Opening hours
Mon-Sun 09.00-24.00

It goes without saying that this post is not sponsored, like all my blog posts. It’s just me sharing tips... You are welcome!

Friday, 5 May 2017

A long weekend in Lucerne – PART II

Hello my dear readers,

I hope that you enjoyed the previous post “A long weekend in Lucerne – PART I”. Here is part II.

I wish you a wonderful weekend to come.

Stay tuned for my review of a boutique hotel designed by the great French architect Jean Nouvel.

Following the fire in 1971, the entire railway station was rebuilt between 1984 and 1991. The transparent entrance hall of the new station, with its elegant curved roof was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The main portal of the former station, which survived the fire, now stands as an impressive arch in the middle of the square in front of the station.

A wonderful address for those with sweet tooth – Bachmann, House of Chocolate – here you can have a gorgeous cake or a nice snack. And why not buy the most exquisite chocolates to offer as a souvenir?
We took a box of Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting away with us. This was the first time I have ever tasted a Red Velvet cake…a gorgeous red colour, moist and fluffy and topped with luscious cream…I’m conquered!!

This bridge was completed as a part of the city fortification in 1408. It is called the Spreuer Bridge because this was the only place that the chaff from wheat could be dumped into the river.

This is for the regulation of the water level. The so-called “spikes” are lowered into or withdrawn from the water manually to regulate the water level of Lake Lucerne.

The first large Baroque church in Switzerland; constructed in 1666 by Father Christoph Vogler for the Jesuits.

Nine Towers. A part of the rampart walls built in 1386; the wall is still almost entirely intact. Four towers are open to the public: Schirmer, Zyt, Wacht and Männli.
The oldest city clock, built by Hans Luter in 1535, is in the Zyt tower. This clock is allowed to chime every hour one minute before all the other city clocks.

This church was one of the few built north of the Alps during the “Thirty Years War” and one of the largest and art history rich churches of the German late renaissance period.

Lake Lucerne (434 m above sea level) is fascinating due to its picturesque landscape and historical sites. 20 boats - 5 of which are nostalgic paddle-steamers - enable you to take round trips and offer endless possibilities for excursions which can also be combined with mountain railways along the lake.

Carl Spitteler was a Swiss poet who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1919. His work includes both pessimistic and heroic poems.

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