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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

A Gorgeous Guide to Carouge

Last month, I wandered round the lovely streets of Carouge in order to put together this little guide. It was great fun exploring fashion boutiques, wine bars, spa institutes, as well as chatting to small shop owners. Even though clouds (and sometimes rain) were above me all the way, the journey was awesome because Carouge is, without a doubt, my favourite neighbourhood in Geneva. I love its own distinctive and independent character.

It is particularly BoBo (Bourgeois-bohème). It is a hub for craftspeople and small business workers who leave their workshops or offices at lunch time to enjoy a meal in one of the many gorgeous restaurants in the area. They maybe have a drink in a bar after work before jumping on the tram to go home somewhere in the city.

Carouge is situated on the River Arve and is ten minutes from the centre of Geneva. The town is laid out according to the plans of Italian architects and it has conserved its Mediterranean charm.

If I were to describe it to you, I would say that Carouge is a small and compact village, crammed with bistros, craft workshops, antique shops, fountains and wooden balconies that overlook hidden courtyards and secret gardens. The old centre of Carouge is perfect to be strolled around at as sedate a pace as possible.

Carouge is fantastic and has a relaxed feel to its atmosphere. It is a destination that I really urge you to visit and here is a small list of my favourite places to go!

Marché de Carouge Is a picturesque Saturday and Wednesday market at Place du Marché. This is a great way to try some local specialties presented by local farmers and shop-owners. There are also stands of exotic food serving such delights as Palestinian falafel balls and flatbread. Me, myself and I often buy flowers jam or cheese here... that day I bought beautiful fuchsia roses to embellish my house...

Place du Temple

Fontaine Blavignac Classified as a historical monument, this fountain was created by the architect Blavignac, in 1868. It is located on the Place du Temple of Carouge and is a kind of Gothic snub to the Carouge temple ... It represents a dragon spitting water.

Temple de Carouge

Église Sainte-Croix

Parc Louis Cottier Peaceful and small park with a playground for toddlers. Located on the Place de la Sardaigne

Meule (millstone sculpture) Stone sculpture in the Parc Louis Cottier.

Quiétude (1952) Sculpture in bronze by Jean-Joachim Cornaglia. Located on the Place de la Sardaigne

Auberge Communale de Carouge Occupies a historic building in the heart of Carouge. It has a lounge and a restaurant called “Vicolo 39, ristorante”. On Sundays, they serve a brunch from 11:30 - 15:30. Italian buffet with hot and cold dishes, as well as a wide selection of cakes. Price CHF 35.00 (Auberge Communale de Carouge - Rue Ancienne 39)

Vicolo 39, ristorante On Sundays, they serve a brunch from 11:30 - 15:30. Italian buffet with hot and cold dishes, as well as a wide selection of cakes. Price CHF 35.00 (Auberge Communale de Carouge - Rue Ancienne 39)

Attitude Bio Beauty institute and boutique, specialising in organic products. A haven of peace in which to get pampered... (Rue Ancienne 16)

Atelier Floral Création They make wonderful flower arrangements, modern or traditional creations for events, weddings or simply for your personal pleasure... (Rue Ancienne 28)

Martel Confiserie & Tea-Room The kingdom of deliciousness… (Rue du Marché 8)

Ma Kadame Open since May 1st, it is full of casual-chic clothing and accessories from the brands Repeat, Max Mara, Darel... (Rue Jacques-Daphne 20)

Histoire de Vins Is our favourite wine shop, they sell exquisite Swiss wine and also excellent French wine. Every Saturday you can have a wine tasting. Companies can also book the entire shop for an event. (Rue Saint-Joseph 35)

Betjeman & Barton The best tea shop in Geneva. They have a very varied selection of all types of teas from everywhere. As you enter the shop they greet you with a cup of tea, biscuits and chocolates… (Rue Saint-Joseph 35)

Musée de Carouge Exhibits only works of Swiss artists

Pont de Carouge Bridge over the River Arve, which connects the communes of Geneva and Carouge

Philippe Pascoet Chocolatier This is among the best chocolate shops in Geneva. Internationally acclaimed, I strongly recommend you the “Passion fruit and dark chocolate ganache(Rue Saint-Joseph 12)

Pizza-Vino Wine Bar & Restaurant This gorgeous bar-restaurant is always full at lunch and dinner time. During spring/summer you can enjoy a drink or a meal on their gorgeous terrace. (Rue Saint-Victor 10)

La Bouquinerie The most charming tiny bookstore that sells ancient books and art books (Rue Saint-Joseph 2)

Beautiful houses and apartment blocks

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Enjoying the beauties of nature in Heidi’s Country

Normally I do not write about the same place several times (this is the third time in this particular case!). However, on one of many weekends that I have spent in this very special hideaway somewhere in the heights of Switzerland, I could not help but capture these beautiful landscapes and I wanted to share them with you.

These are photos of mountains, meadows, old huts (or “mazots”), chalets, pastures, grazing cows, horses, blue/grey shades of sky, wild flowers...and me barefoot in this wonderful green land that I have nicknamed Heidi’s Country. 

I hope you like this very special place!

Lots of Love

When these young cows saw us arriving, they rushed up to the fence to see us. 

One even posed for the picture…look at her leg…Sweetheart and I had a good laugh…so cute…

I never get tired of this beautiful scenery of nature

Never get tired of photographing wildflowers

I never get tired of watching cows grazing. There are various breeds of cow out in the pastures, for example: Hérens, Montbéliarde…

The Montbéliarde cow

The Hérens cow

Did you know that they eat all their food twice? Once the cow has grazed a large amount of grass, it will lie down quietly and regurgitate what it has eaten in small mouthfuls which it re-chews for better digestion.  This process is known as rumination or, more commonly, chewing the cud.

Here is a ruminating Hérens cow.

The region is full of “bisses”. These are irrigation or mill water supply channels carved into the mountainside.

Another attraction very dear to my heart are the various improvised tiny sanctuaries where one can place a lighted candle.