Friday, 16 June 2017

Campari Sunset - a chance encounter

Whilst queuing at the checkout at Denner, buying the ingredients for another cocktail, we were joking with a very pleasant lady about the pastis that she was purchasing. She was trying to have us believe that it was her favourite breakfast tipple and that she dunked her croissants in it! Sweetheart shared his favourite pastis cocktail with her (more of which in another episode) and she gave us a gem of an idea for Campari. We rushed home to try it and found the mixture to be an ideal and refreshing summer long drink with the advantage of being super easy to make.

In a tumbler mix ice with 1 part Campari to 3 to 4 parts of pink grapefruit juice (our lady friend recommended Denner’s own brand, which we used, but any good quality fresh brand should be acceptable). Add a slice of lemon and stir with a straw. Heaven! 

I named this refreshing and attractive long drink “Campari Sunset”.