Thursday, 14 December 2017

My visits to the Marché de Plainpalais

Lots of people love to visit the Plainpalais Market on the Plaine de Plainpalais. That is why I knew I had to put together a post.

I finally went there on the first Wednesday and Friday of November and I’m so glad I did. It’s on from 6.30am, so I ate breakfast hurriedly and headed to the market. 

I strolled through the market, stopping to check out goodies and try to find a treasure… There was an impressive assortment of manufactured items as well as regional gourmet food products and a few food trucks for those who want to enjoy a quick treat at this open-air market.

I left the market with a big smile on my face. I see why the locals and expats love this place so much. It’s a happy and relaxed get-together centred on the simple pleasures in life. 

The flea market is held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Every first Sunday of the month from 6.30 am to 5.15 pm
*Products on offer: Antique objects; furniture, paintings, crockery, knick-knacks, vinyls, CDs, cassettes, second-hand clothes.

The retail and manufactured goods market is held on Tuesdays and Fridays from 6.30 am to 2.15 pm. Sunday from 8:30am to 18:15pm
*Products on offer: fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, cheese, wine, fish, sausages, meat, roast chicken, Valais specialties, jams, bread, olives, dried fruits, flowers and manufactured products.

In case you are a mushroom lover, there is a stall that sells a rich variety of mushrooms...

Marché de Plainpalais
Plaine de Plainpalais 
1205 Genève

Monday, 11 December 2017

Baguette d’Or Chinese Restaurant in Plainpalais

I had never been to this restaurant before, but I had heard good things about it, so I was very excited to have lunch there. Located just 15 minutes from the centre of Geneva and much lauded by Asian expatriates and locals fond of Chinese cuisine, we had been meaning to visit La Baguette d’Or long time. One chilly and cloudy day, a lunch time opportunity finally arose and we made the short fifteen-minute walk to this renowned Chinese restaurant in the Plainpalais neighbourhood.

This is a very nice typical restaurant: well decorated, beautiful tables with tablecloths and napkins, traditional cuisine and a nice varied à la carte menu.

At lunchtime the restaurant serves a set menu (starter, main course, dessert) for a very attractive price of CHF 28.00. That Wednesday the menu was very much to our taste. Sweetheart and I are fond of spicy food, so we both ordered the same. We had a great time enjoying the tasty food!

We started with vegetable spring rolls with a perfect filling of savoury vegetables.

We moved on to the stir-fried beef Ma-là with peppers and Cantonese rice. The beef was tender and the sauce had a perfectly balanced flavour of spice, with a good amount of vegetables too. The rice was simply great.

The meal ended with cool and tasty litchis.

Once we finished lunch, Sweetheart and I loved the meal so much that we decided to head here each time we fancy Chinese food. I can say that this is a happy place - the decor, the cuisine, the service are perfect and that is why I thought La Baguette d’Or deserves a post of its own.

La Baguette d’Or
Avenue Henri-Dunant 15
Plainpalais, Geneva
Tél: +41 22 329 7160

Monday, 4 December 2017

November Monthly Round Up

Life Lately: In Geneva, we are starting to see the Christmas decorations in the shops. It is only natural that I want to share with you a list of independent shops where you might find the perfect gift for your family and friends. As far as I’m concerned, I always start in advance to go hunting for beautiful gifts. It’s so nice when the shops are not yet overrun. When I sat down to write this blog post, I realised that my list had grown considerably... and the result is that it has ended up being a Christmas Shops List and a very photo-heavy monthly round up. I really hope you enjoy…

Coop City (12, rue de Carouge)
Coop City is a Swiss institution (the only non-independent shop in my list). On November 1st they displayed everything you need to make a special decoration for this Christmas. This year, I would be tempted to make an Antarctic decoration, all blue and white.

Ñ (Egne) Wine & Tapas Bar (12-14, rue du Cendrier)
The freshly opened EGNE is a 10 minute walk from Geneva Cornavin train station. The vibe is really relaxed and cool, with a minimalist elegance, and the staffs, two young smiling guys, exude Spanish warmth. You can also buy exquisite wines and other fine Spanish products, since the bar is a delicatessen too.

Chloë Jewellery Shop (6, Rond-Point de Plainpalais)
I love their cosy and girly universe and their high-end fantasy silver, gold plated and rose gold plated jewellery. All their jewellery is handmade. All creations are then presented in a very nice gift package, in pastel or bright colours.

Les Filles Indignes (10, rue de l’Arquebuse)
This is a coffee, wine and delicatessen whose concept is to have no predefined menu. Every day the menu, made of quiches, salads, soups, and homemade cakes, is concocted according to what the chef finds at the market. I like this bohemian atmosphere and the little corner bookshelf is a real plus.

SBC SPA (77, rue des Eaux-Vives)
Should you decide to offer yourself a treat or want to offer a very nice gift to a friend, what about an afternoon at Sbc Spa? This is a freshly opened spa with an Arabian Nights decor. One can enjoy the hammam, jacuzzi, sauna, a haircut or a massage with Decléor products, a brand renowned for its high quality.

Mr & Mrs Renou (39, rue Saint-Joseph, Carouge)
Freshly opened, this gem of pastry shop is very popular among the gourmets in Geneva. It must be said that their creations are uniquely delicate and terribly delicious. The chef has been decorated with the prestigious medal “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”. That day, I fell for a dark chocolate and Madagascar vanilla cake.

Atelier Floral Création (28, rue Ancienne, Carouge)
Where can you buy a beautiful Christmas wreath? Here’s your answer! I really think that a bouquet of flowers is one of the nicest things to brighten up your house.

Librairie du Boulevard (34, rue de Carouge)
A book is always one of the best Christmas presents! One of my favourite bookstores in Geneva is the Librairie du Boulevard, an independent bookstore in the popular district of Plainpalais. Whenever I can, I take a look at the new arrivals. I really enjoyed reading the summary of these three books.

“Et puis ça fait bête d'être triste en maillot de bain”. (And then it’s stupid to be sad in a swimsuit) by Amandine Dhée, a French author whose books are inspired by everyday life…

“Summer” by Monica Sabolo, an Italian author whose book has won a prize and become a hit. This psychological novel is full of intrigue; we are immediately prisoner in its yarns…

“Bakhita” by Véronique Olmi, a French author who won the “Prix du Fnac 2017”. In the 19th century, Bakhita was kidnapped at the age of seven in her village in Darfur…

City Coop - Book Corner
While shopping at a Coop supermarket, I stopped by its “book corner” to check out the new book releases. I choose a pretty selection of books, each one completely different from the other: a book on Portuguese cooking, a novel by a famous Belgian author, the second book of an English author who excels in working-class heroes and the romance genre.

I didn’t buy any of these books; I simply put them on my Santa Claus gift list…If I am good he will probably leave one of them in my Christmas stocking.

So what’s next? Christmas…counting the days already!!!